Transformative Leadership

“Those of us who have been privileged to receive education, skills, and experiences and even power must be role models for the next generation of leadership.” Wangari Maathai


Leadership Training

We train both children and youth (10-24years) in leadership skills to empower them to become active citizens and agents of positive change in their communities. We believe that children and youth are key to sustainable development at the grassroots level and should be equipped with crucial skills right from the start. As a youth led organization whose work is embedded in volunteerism we motivate and engage other youth leaders to form volunteerism platforms in their communities as means to contribute their skills, energy and resources while also gaining experience.

Civic Education

Under this tenet we sensitize youth aged 18-24 years on their civic duty; their rights and responsibilities as citizens as well as good governance. Sustainable Development can only be achieved when youth who are the largest demographic are effectively engaged in matters of governance and policy.  Our role is to inspire youth participation in these areas by sensitizing them on opportunities available to them through the Kenyan Constitution of 2010 and other youth mainstreaming policies.


Peace is the cornerstone to development and as such we strive to ensure that youth are not enticed to violence but are instead agents of peace. Our strategy to achieve this is closely linked to civic education, where we sensitize youth on peaceful resolution of conflict. We aim to change the perception that grievances can be resolved through violence. Our goal is to ensure young people do not resort to violence particularly during violence prone period such as electoral periods but instead promote peace in their communities.