Definition of a Tuwakuze Volunteer

In light of Tuwakuze Africa, a Volunteer is an individual who donates time and effort towards promotion of education of underprivileged children inter alia.

The following programs are open to volunteers

Mwalimu Bora

The Mwalimu bora project is the project whereby Tuwakuze volunteers are availed the opportunity to make a difference by teaching at a school with a severe shortage of teachers. Tuwakuze has identified Bethsaida Education Foundation and Victorious Joy Educational Centre. They are both located in Nairobi, Githurai 44 and Kahawa west respectively. They both have 230 OVCs. These schools have a collective number of ten teachers which is less than the required ratio.


Project Nikuze is a mentorship program run under Tuwakuze that aims to mentor the pupils of Victorious Joy Educational Centre into holistic individuals as global citizens. In this project Tuwakuze invites distinguished personalities from various professions and occupations such as Law, Medicine, Journalism, Banking, Business, Diplomacy etc. so as to provide Bethsaida and Victorious Joy Educational Centre pupils with exposure, mentorship, insights, and motivation as they lay the foundation for their careers

Library Project

 In this project, Tuwakuze aims to establish and equip a library at Victorious Joy Educational Center through a series of fundraising activities and seeking strategic partnerships with sponsors. The objective is to promote a reading culture in primary level kids at an early age and also in turn to provoke innovation and creativity at an early age.